Letter from General Director

Letter from General Director

Website of the Environmental Protection Fund for Vietnam is in front of your eyes! Through this media, we would move to the earliest readers, the fastest, most complete and accurate information concerning a number in the field of environmental protection and the collective work of officials and public employees the Fund has and will do so as a practical contribution Viet Nam - Green with three good motto


Study tour of Vietnam Environment Protection Fund in Singapore

From 9th Nov 2015 to 12th Nov 2015, a study tour was organized by VEPF to visit and work with National Environment Agency of Singapore. VEPF’s delegation had the opportunity to learn many different topics, such as the management mechanisms, the environmental protection policies and the solid waste, wastewater management of Singapore through 2 typical plants.

Twenty-two Sunda pangolins rescued in Ninh Binh

Forest wardens in the northern province of Ninh Binh have handed over 22 Sunda pangolins, also known as the Malayan or Java pangolin, to the Carnivore and Pangolin Conservation Programme, according to the Save Vietnam’s Wildlife organisation.