Relations with international organizations

16/01/2014 3:19:28 CH

  • Vietnam Environment Protection Fund cooperate with all international organizations active in the field of environmental protection, climate change adaptation for maximum mobilization of resources to support international activities environmental protection, stockings response to climate change in Vietnam, coordinate and implement the international commitments of Vietnam to protect the environment and responding to climate change.
Currently, VEPF laid partnerships with many international organizations, international organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), Industrial Development Organization United Nations (UNIDO), the World Bank (WB), Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Commission for Environment and Society in Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) of The United Nations; Foreign organizations: the International Development Agency (DANIDA), The International Cooperation Agency of Japan (JICA), the Centre for Overseas Environmental Cooperation (OECC) of Japan International Cooperation Agency, South Korea (KOICA), the Czech Republic Development Fund environment Czech Republic (SEF), the German Development Cooperation (GIZ)...; Embassies in Vietnam: Embassy of Czech Republic, Embassy of Belgium, Embassy of Australia, Embassy of France, Embassy of the FederalRepublic of Germany,...; The missions and non-governmental organizations of several countries around the world: Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, an independent research institute of the German environmental issues (UFU), Institute of Technology and the Korea environmental Industry (KEITI) , Environment Agency,South Korea (KECO), World Development Organization (DWW) - Czech Republic, ...

  • In addition, Vietnam Environment Protection Fund also has partnerships with several multinational companies, international activities in the field of clean technologies and environmentally friendly, pollution treatment to help Vietnamese businesses to approach new technologies, modern and investment promotion in Vietnam in the field of environmental protection.